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25 Synthesis/Regeneration       Summer 2001


Electoral Alternatives

On Historical Moments
Ted Glick believes that now is the time for pro-democracy electoral reform in the US.

Reclaiming Democracy in the 21st Century
Rob Richie and Steven Hill maintain that most established democracies provide voters with better and more viable choices than exist in the US.

Gore's Defeat: Don't Blame Nader
Manning Marable notes that Gore never spoke directly to the issues of Nader's constituency.

The Real Spoiler? No IRV
Betty Wood looks at how IRV might have made a difference in the 2000 presidential election.

The Case for a National IRV Strategy
James Nicita explains why there is an exceptional opportunity to secure widespread implementation of instant runoff voting.

Who Should Select Green Candidates?
Don Fitz worries that Monsanto could purchase a Green press conference.

What Next?
Michael Givel thinks that a strictly local focus will not significantly help the Greens.

Thinking Politically

Mumia Abu-Jamal and the US Criminal Injustice System
Steve Bloom observes that the increase in prisons was a response to ghetto rebellions.

Puerto Ricans Battle US Navy in Vieques
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero documents the environmental tragedy caused by military activity.

Zapatisa Caravan Comes to an End
Andrew Kennis shows how the Zapatistas seek to become a different kind of rebel group.

"Roads of Dignity" Speech
Subcomandante Marcos sees the powerful trying to ensnare today's indigenous struggle.

"Red Ken" and the Greens in London (Part 2)
Howie Hawkins describes Livingston as in the same party as and the main rival to the central government.

German Green Party Leaders Suppress Protests against Transport of Nuclear Waste
Dietmar Henning argues that the German Greens have done an about-face on every issue concerning which they previously organized protests.

Thinking Economically

North-South Conflicts in Intellectual Property Rights
Vandana Shiva asserts that anything short of stopping biopiracy by reforming TRIPs is participation in a crime against nature & the poor.

Tripping on FTAA Negotiations
Kristin Dawkins explores a "free" trade deal that would threaten access to pharmaceuticals and seeds and undermine human rights.

If We Oppose the Corporate-Dominated Economy, What Do We Replace It With?
Richard Whitney wants Greens to consider worker ownership and control of major industries.


Ronnie Cummins reminds us that Starbucks is one of the largest buyers of rBGH-tainted milk in the world.

Biohazards: The Next Generation?
Brian Tokar reveals that "bioreactor" crops present problems of cross-pollination and unknown deleterious effects on beneficial insects and soil microbes.

The Human Genome Map: The Death of Genetic Determinism and Beyond
Mae-Wan Ho explains that the number of genes is far less than needed to support extravagant claims that individual genes determine patterns of behavior.

Chernobyl Closure: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Serhiy Kurykin stresses that the April 26, 1986 explosion occurred in the course of normal operation of the plant.

Green Process

GPUSA and the FEC
Betty Wood sets the record straight concerning assertions about filing with the Federal Elections Commission by the G/GPUSA.

Missouri Greens View Unity
Don Fitz demonstrates that the way you word a question has a lot to do with how people answer it.

from Lisa Thurman, D. Basandorj, Soenke Zehl, R.T. Drury

[26 jun 01]
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