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Announcement of S/R 25:
Electoral Alternatives   |  Table of Contents

A Magazine of Green Social Thought

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June, 2001

Dear Green or greenish friend,

Now that there has been time to reflect on the 2000 elections, it is abundantly clear that the US needs massive changes in its electoral system. Synthesis/Regeneration 25 (S/R) delves into the myths of blaming Nader, directions for Greens, and organizing efforts around proposals such as instant runoff voting, proportional representation, cumulative voting and selection of candidates by convention.

S/R 25 includes political analyses of electoral alliances in London, the about-face of the German Green Party, the travesty of the US criminal justice system, the bombing of Vieques, and the promise of the Zapatistas.

S/R 25 economic articles reflect on north-south conflicts, FTAA negotiations and Green alternatives to corporate domination.

Essays on biodevastation describe the campaign against Starbucks, dangers of "bioreactor" crops, the human genome map, and developments at Chernobyl.

S/R 25 will be available at the Green Party national meeting in Carbondale, Ill., July 20-23, 2001.

Rates for S/R 25 are:

1-4 copies, $3.95 each; 5-9 copies, $3.00 each; 10+ copies, $2.00 each.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor,

25 Electoral Alternatives (Contents)
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