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21 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2000


Can Greens Go Global?
Australian Greens try to exclude the G/GPUSA

Green Economics

A Planetary Alternative to the Global Economy
David Korten explains that the WTO was created to roll back governmental regulation of trade and corporations.

Beyond the World Trade Organization
Joel Kovel thinks it is necessary to break the back of globalization in order to create a society that does not degrade nature.

Economic Diversity in Kentucky and Cuba
Stacey Cordeiro compares two regions which have struggled with colonization and a one-commodity economy.

Community-Based Economics
Steve Welzer believes that neighbors generally don't exploit neighbors when there is real community.

Community-Based Economics: A Real Alternative to Eco-Socialism?
Tom Smith rejects a market system because competition leads to corporate capitalism.

What Should We Guarantee and How?
Steven Shafarman would like to see income guarantees since there will always be people who do not work.

A Democratic Economy and a Democratic Worklife
Don Fitz advocates all citizens voting on what should be produced and votes at workplaces on how production should occur.


The 1999 Food Debates: The Turning Point
Roberto Verzola details new concerns with GE food: toxicity, allergenicity, pathogens, cancer, herbicide exposure and special risks for infants.

A Burning Controversy about the Safety of GM Food
Joe Cummins reviews efforts to discredit Arpad Pusztai's findings that GM potatoes damaged the immune and digestive systems of rats.

Butterfly Experiment Highlights Biotech Hazards
Brian Tokar notes that genetically engineered Bt crops produce up to 20 times as much toxin in every plant tissue.

FDA Ignored GMO Warnings from Its Own Scientists
Steven Druker concludes that every GE food in the US is on the market illegally.

Of Cabbages and Cancer
Henry Robertson explains that use of antibiotic resistance marker genes and virus "promoters" pose threats to human health.

The Problem with the Safety of Roundup Ready Soybeans
Judy Carman documents that soon after Monsanto applied to grow GE soybeans in Australia, it asked that the limit of glyphosate be increased 200-fold.

Green Party of New Zealand Presents GE Petition

Violence and Non-Violence

Brutality, Repression and Criminalization of a Generation
Joe Fortunato observes virtual elimination of the right to be free of unreasonable search & seizure, especially in communities of color.

Max Antoine's Defense Case
Edith Gbur explains that charges against a victim of police violence should be dropped and that the police should be prosecuted.

Ron Ouellette describes the power of non-violence as the willingness to suffer rather than accept injustice.

Against Bourgeois Pacifism
Wade Rawluk believes that eliminating social violence requires changing social relations rather than individual attitudes.

Where Does All This Violence Come From?
Nancy Oden would like all citizens to have the opportunity to receive training as peacekeepers and defenders.

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