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16 Synthesis/Regeneration       Summer 1998


Who's Paying the Piper?
Don Fitz comments on threats to Green accountability.

U.S. Greens Strategize

Interview with Arcata City Councilor Jason Kirkpatrick
Paul Cienfuegos hears that people in local government fear trying to find new solutions to old problems.

The Internal Combustion of the Maine Green Party
Nancy Oden details actions that split Maine Greens and caused many to drop out but led her to run for Governor.

Is Eco-Fascism on the Rise?
Emanuel Sferios looks at emotional oversimplifications which were behind the recent Sierra Club vote on immigration

Green Party of Seattle's Sensational Start
Scott Denburg & Curt Firestone describe how Greens gained visibility in the progressive community and attention from independent media.

State of the Green Movement
Rick Whaley feels that electoral politics can give Green movement issues legitimacy and a much broader audience.

Green Party Potential Transcends Elections
Dan Coleman observes that electing people to office has never been sufficient for political change.

Greens in Asia and the Pacific

Women & Tigers: Effects of Rapid Industrialization on Women in Asia
According to Anna Gyorgy, the "Asian Economic Miracle" was based on low-paid labor of millions of young women.

New Zealand Green Party Leaves the Alliance
Rosalie Steward says the Green constituency was not supporting the Alliance because they saw nothing that appealed to them.

Cyberlords & the Philippine Greens
Roberto Verloza describes a new personification of greed that has freed itself from distracting human feelings.

Australian Greens Election Success
Deb Foskey reports a proportional voting victory.

The Green Party of Taiwan: Documents
Declaration of the Green Party of Taiwan's Founding Assembly
Green Party nominees won over 100,000 votes while spending far less than any other party.

Poverty & Child Labor Set Off Philippine Banana War
David Bacon saw children who had to work because their families could not survive without their wages.

Thammasat Resolution
Representatives of indigenous, peasant and other organizations from 19 countries developed a response to privatization of biodiversity.

Worldwide Green

Euro-African Seminar
Sabine Meyer thinks African Greens face non-transparent elections, fraud and corruption.

Federation of Green Parties of the Americas Is Formed
Don Fitz found Greens concerned with human rights violations and environmental deterioration.

Alternatives to Globalization
John Norris wants long distance trade to be a last resort.

Swedish Greens: Our Basic Ideas
Ursula Mueller explains solidarity with nature, future generations, people in need and the indigent.

Genetically Modified Food and Animal Feed
The Green Party of England and Wales condemns the introduction of genetically modified soya.

Eurasatory Arms Sale
Greens should meet June 1 to oppose sales to repressive regimes.

Euratom, Our Atom
European Union legislation will soon bring nuclear waste into the home -- legally..


Science with Scruples
George Monbiot argues that genetic engineering will increase famine by undermining small farmers who grow staple crops.

Report from French Farmers
Jose Bove regrets that he was not able to destroy more genetically modified maize.

Update on Gene Foods from the European Greens
Steve Emmott believes that labeling genetically engineered food is not much of an answer.

Monsanto Saga
Vermont activists tell a story of food contamination, toxic exposure and increasing corporate power.


Review: David Reynold's Democracy Unbound
reviewed by Susan Santone.

Kyoto Statement (S/R 15)
the Editor.

Lulu's Public Secrets
Ken Knabb: Detourned comic, January 1998.
View on the author's site Bureau of Public Secrets: http://www.slip.net/~knabb/comics/lulu1.htm

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