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26 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2001


Thinking Politically

Green Party USA Statement on the Disasters

Giuliani & Vallone: Never Met a Rent They Didn't Hike
Mitch Cohen realizes that one half the income of many working class and poor families goes to rent.

From Protest to Popular Power
Cindy Milstein advocates confederations of communities as a way to transcend parochialism.

Daniel Coleman's The Anarchist
Joel Sipress reviews a story set during the rise of industrial capitalism and dreams of a new world.

Contemporary Police Brutality & Misconduct
The Black Radical Congress thinks that private civil suits may not be able to reform police behavior.

Statements of Dineh and Hopi Resistors
Uncle Jake knows that Peabody wants rich and low sulfur coal.

News from European Greens

The Myth of Green Party Nonviolence
Gary Swing believes German Greens abandoned nonviolence in the quest for political power.

Thinking Economically

Implications of the Percy Schmeiser Decision
Ann Clark explains that GM technology necessarily makes food more expensive.

Which Road to Qatar: Food First or Export First?
Vandana Shiva maintains that globalization threatens to create more environmental destruction, more poverty and greater inequality.

Vietnam and Philippine Agriculture Fall Prey to Globalization of Land Rights
Shirley Nuevo notes that opening land control to foreigners could pose a threat to food security.

Patents on Life in TRIPs
Martin Khor & Cecilia Oh explain how the patent system is being used to facilitate the theft of biological resources and traditional knowledge from the South.

The Basic Income Guarantee
Karl Widerquist visualizes an effective and equitable solution to poverty that promotes individual freedom.


Space Is Where Spirits Soar
Bruce Gagnon is concerned with the deployment of nuclear materials into space.

US Leads Efforts to Use Biological Weapons in War on Drugs
Melissa Belvadi explains that Agent Green can cause disease in a large number of crops.

Hazards of GM Cotton
Mae-Wan Ho documents why people should avoid GM cotton products.

Genetic Engineering Update
Ronnie Cummins reports that genetic pollution and genetic drift continue to proliferate.

Becoming Green

Grassroots Democracy vs. Public Relations
Susan Nelson argues that many G/GPUSA members did not want the organization to dissolve.

Delegate Report on the 2001 Green Congress
Jason Murphy believes that GPUSA decisions will help Greens work together.

Report on the Green Congress
Steps to Freedom realizes shortcomings of both the GPUSA and ASGP.

What I Saw at the 2001 Green Congress
Genevieve Houghton marveled at the sacredness of self- expression and indulgence at infinite length of the immature.

Learning to Be Like the Two Major Parties
Maris Abelson beheld grassroots democracy being undermined in New York.

Report on the 7th Meeting of the ASGP
Jane Hunter witnessed the transformation of ASGP into the Green Party of the United States.

Greens Create National Party
USGP Press Release, July 30, 2001

Campus Greens Organize
Jesse Karlsberg participated in the Founding Convention with students, faculty and activists.

A Call to Action
Campus Greens

from Richard Eilenberger, Rob Richie, Lisa Thurman and the Green Party of Mexico.

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