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27 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2002


War for Oil

Open Letter to the German Green Party

Shocked and Horrified
Larry Mosqueda tallies the number killed by US terror and military actions since WWII as at least 8,000,000.

US Foreign Interventions and Invasions since Vietnam

Why Terrorists Hate the US
William Beeman thinks that Western powers have been blind to Middle Eastern opposition.

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear
Wendell Berry suggests that national self-righteousness, like personal self-righteousness, is a mistake.

New York City Labor Statement on September 11

A War of Lies
Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen believe the war is more over extending US power than bringing terrorists to justice.

Statement of All Pakistan Trade Union Federation on September 11

Green Party of Iran Supporters Attacked in Tehran

Green Party USA (G/GPUSA) Condemns the Bombing of Afghanistan

Canadian Greens Oppose the Military Option

Missing the Oil Story
Nina Burleigh notes that George Bush Senior is on the payroll of private interests that have defense business with the government.

Islam and Oil
Patrick Eytchison perceives that the US is thermodynamically dependent on Islamic geology and geography for its bloated lifestyle.

German Greens Off to War Again
Jim Green demonstrates that the German Greens quickly changed politics after entering the government with the Social Democrats.

A Letter to Greens at Home
Jason Murphy emphasizes that 70% of German Greens oppose the war on Afghanistan.


America's Terrorist Nuclear Threat to Itself
Harvey Wasserman warns that 103 Bombs of the Apocalypse would not require a large jet for meltdown.

NRC Shuts Website for "Security" Reasons

Averting Bioterrorism Begins with US Reforms
Edward Hammond asserts that the US may have delivered a knockout punch to efforts to control biological weapons.

Foot & Mouth, GM Vaccine and Biowarfare
Mae-Wan Ho is concerned that a container of foot and mouth virus was missing from a biowarfare laboratory.

Biopesticide and Bioweapons
Joseph Cummins reveals that the bacillus anthracis is closely related to the pesticide bacillus thurengiensis.

Health Ministry Is Quiet
Prasanna Cooray warns that the Sri Lanka Green Party may release a list of GM foods.

Run from the Genome
David Sheidlower says the human genome project keeps us ignoring neighborhoods.

Open Letter to New Zealand Royal Commission
Mae-Wan Ho explains that GM agriculture cannot coexist with other forms of agriculture.

"Nature" Rejects Scientific Debate on UK Field Trials

Thinking Politically

The Green Dilemma & Direct Democracy
Charles Johnson envisions citizens' writing and voting on laws without interference from government officials.

Integrating the Green Political Spectrum
Allen Butcher advocates left, center and right Greens working in a coherent committee structure.

Manhattan Greens Censure Julia Willebrand
Manhattan Greens local

Thin Blue Lies: Police and the Art of Propaganda
Tim Wise sees police playing public relations rather than doing what they are paid to do in an equitable manner.

Dark Days and Bright Nights
Peniel Joseph heard caustic assessments of the ANC regime from grassroots South Africans.

Getting in Touch with Reality
Patrick Eytchison comments on the Islamic revitalization and the CIA.

Green Action in Colombia
Giuseppe De Marzo reports that Italian ecologists will participate in creating a tribunal in a forest in Colombia.

Peace in Chiapas: Further Away
Andrew Kennis points out that the Mexican congress did not call for recognizing indigenous autonomy in the federal constitution.

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