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Synthesis/Regeneration 27   (Winter 2002)

A Partial List

US Foreign Interventions and Invasions since Vietnam

Cuba, 1963–today.
US blockades island for 39 years. Numerous assassination attempts against leader. Continued actions condemned by Human Rights Groups and the United Nations General Assembly.

Australia, 1973–75.
CIA interferes and manipulates free election process.

Chile, 1973.
CIA backed coup ousts elected president, installs military Gen. Pinochet. Decades of human rights abuses follow.

Portugal, 1974.
CIA funnels millions to destabilize and sabotage NATO ally.

Angola, 1976–92.
CIA assists South Africa-backed rebels.

Afghanistan, 1979–82.
US supports, arms, trains Mujahadeen rebels including rebel leader Osama bin Laden.

El Salvador, 1980–92.
US aids government condemned for gross human rights violations.

Nicaragua, 1981–92.
US directs and illegally supports contra war, mines harbor. Allows open flow of narcotics into US. US actions condemned by the United Nations World Court.

Chad, 1982.
US supports overthrow of government. CIA supported secret police kill and torture tens of thousands.

Libya, 1982.
USA shoots down two Libyan jets.

Honduras, 1982–90.
US builds bases near borders, supports government that uses Death Squads against it’s citizens.

Lebanon, 1982–84.
US bombs and shells Muslim positions, expels PLO from territory.

Grenada, 1983–84.
US military invades tiny island. 400 Grenadians killed. “Gross violation” of international law condemned by United Nations.

Iraq, 1987–88.
US supports and arms Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in war against Iran.

Iran, 1988.
US shoots down Iranian passenger airliner, killing 290 civilians. Claims it was an “accident.”

Libya, 1989.
US bombs capitol Tripoli killing 55 civilians. Calls it “collateral damage.”

Philippines, 1989.
US supports corrupt govt of Ferdinand Marcos against citizen uprising.

Panama, 1989.
US invades with 27,000 soldiers. Kills 3000+ Panamanians, kidnaps it’s own installed drug-dealing leader and CIA asset. Illegal US actions condemned by nearly unanimous United Nations and Organization of American States.

Kuwait, 1991.
US invades Middle East, contradicting its position by intervening in inter-Arab affairs. Returns Kuwaiti Monarchy accused of human right abuses to throne.

Iraq, 1990. today.
US randomly bombs civilian areas. Blockades Iraqi ports, allows no humanitarian or medical aid. est. 10,000 Iraqi’s starve/die monthly as result.

Bulgaria, 1991.
CIA funnels millions to destabilize one of the first freely elected governments.

Somalia, 1992–94.
US sends in humanitarian aid. Becomes involved in civil war, takes sides attacking one Mogadishu faction. Kills 500+ Somalis.

Peru, 1992–01.
US provides military support, millions of dollars to corrupt Fujimori government. Drug kingpin Vladimir Montesino on CIA payroll while serving as Intelligence Chief. Involved directly in shooting down missionary aircraft, killing American woman and her infant child.

Colombia, 1992–present.
US supports Colombian military, heavily involved in drug trafficking. 1,640 pounds of cocaine lands in Ft. Lauderdale Florida hidden inside Colombian Air Force cargo plane. Nearly 20,000 people killed by US supported military and para-military so far.

Bosnia, 1993.
US naval blockade of Serbia and Montenegro.

Haiti, 1994.
US blockades island government, CIA supports military coup to remove elected President Aristide, then forcibly re-installs Aristide as President after he agrees to US conditions of rule.

Sudan, 1998.
US bombs Aspirin Factory in Khartoum killing civilians.

Afghanistan, 1998.
US missiles kill 28 civilians

Yugoslavia, 1999.
US laser-guided bombs destroy Chinese Embassy in Belgrade killing three Chinese journalists.

Afghanistan, 2001–?

–from The Boulder Weekly

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