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30 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2003


Not Just Blood for Oil
Midnight Notes believes the "suburban-petroleum" lifestyle leads to endless war.

Anti-Authoritarian Response to War
Marina Sitrin and Chuck Morse advocate decentralized and democratic anti-war mobilizations.

Blood, Oil and Sand
Cliff Pearson documents that the US planned the destruction of the support system for the Iraqi population.

Law Not War
Jon Greenbaum shows the Bush administration obstructed international efforts to inspect Iraq's chemical weapons.

Divestment of State Funds from Israel
The Green Party (G/GPUSA) insists on one standard for support of human rights abroad that should apply to both Israel and Palestine.

Hamas Interview: Jamal Abu Alhija
Andrew Kennis heard that scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam allow for self-defense.

Paved with Good Intentions
Nathan Perz sees many people being introduced to politics by protesting the School of the Americas.

Thinking Politically

Justice Department Tracking Greens?
Doug Stuber saw a document listing Greens as likely terrorists.

Lessons from the Fourth of July in Greensboro
Ed Whitfield's group used that day of patriotism to spread a message of opposition to Bush's "war on terrorism."

Arguments Against Voting in US Elections
Duane Sturm and Jason Murphy disagree as to whether electoral participation serves the interests of the enemy or the protest movement.

Excuse Me
Laura Todd finds Synthesis/Regeneration articles on the Mideast repulsive (letter).


Bio-Warfare and Terrorism
Francis Boyle believes that the FBI knows exactly who was behind the anthrax attacks.

Bush Expands Nuclear Power for Space: Threatens Planetary Ecosystem
Bruce Gagnon realizes that exponentially increasing the number of nuclear launches also exponentially increases the chances of accident.

Recent Evidence Confirms Risks of Horizontal Gene Transfer
Mae-Wan Ho reviews evidence that transgenic DNA is optimized for transfer of genes from one organism to another.

Organic Agriculture Fights Back
Lim Li Ching documents maintenance of biodiversity as vital to ensuring long-term food security.

World Trade Center Scrap Lands in India
Nityanand Jayaraman and Kenny Bruno argue that the export of hazardous wasts to industrializing countries fits a long-standing pattern of discrimination by the US.

Thinking Economically

Globalization and Its Discontents
Mitchel Cohen describes resistance to efforts to smash the anti-globalization movement.

Implications of Industrial Collapse
Patrick Eytchison explains that green technologies are also new material modes for labor exploitation.

The Monsanto Amendment
Vandana Shiva observes that Indian farmers could be trapped in a patent monopoly.

Occidental Petroleum Abandons Oil Development on U'Wa Land

US Trade Representative Zoellick Put in Uncomfortable Position
Food First notes that the FTAA would mean "death to the indigenous peoples."

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