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53 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2010


Less of What We Don't Need

Ready for "Beyond Petroleum?"
Henry Robertson maintains that the revolution we need is not industrial.
Bolivia's Mining Dilemmas
Federico Fuentes documents a company which extracts 50,000 liters of underground water a day, free of charge in an area where access to fresh water is increasingly scarce.
Reflections on the Cochabamba Climate Summit
Edgardo Lander does not want to narrowly frame debates in terms of how to limit carbon emissions without questioning anything else.
The Air-Conditioned Dream in a Warming World
Stan Cox believes that turning down or even turning off the flow of chilled air could improve our quality of life.
Groping the Elephant
Don Fitz discusses three authors who contribute to an understanding of resource and ecological crises while being held back by the limitations of their own minicultures.
The Church of LEED, Passive House and the Dangers of Going Green
Jeff Dardozzi reviews Pat Murphy's The Green Tragedy: LEED's Lost Decade.
The Inflated Promise of Natural Gas
Stan Cox realizes that risking our water so we can burn more natural gas will not be the planet's miracle climate cure.

Thinking Economically

A Real Green Deal
Hilary Wainwright describes how the green movement can making common cause with workers to redirect the economy towards sustainability without loss of livelihoods.
In Defense of Downshifting and Work Sharing
Anna White sees people rejecting the idea that we live to work, work to earn, and earn to consume.
Participatory Planning
R. Burke reviews Pat Devin's Democracy and Economic Planning: The Political Economy of a Self-Governing Society.


Oil and Wetlands
Darwin Bond-Graham notes that water temperatures and salt concentrations trigger complex movements of sea life, telling them when to spawn and where to feed.
Why Biomass Wood Energy Is Not the Answer
George Wuerthner explains that there are limits on the economic viability of trucking wood any distance to a central energy plant.
China and Cars
Bianca Mugyenyi and Yves Engler worry that public space for bicycles has been shrinking under the tyranny of the car.
The Jobs Scam: Selling Blacks on Nuclear Power
Glen Ford understands that the racial politics of nuclear power are no different than the politics of other industrial hazards.
The Consequences of Chernobyl
Karl Grossman reports that genetic impacts may continue through children of irradiated parents for seven generations.

Thinking Politically

ELAM in 2010
Don Fitz observes that students in Cuba are integrated into neighborhood health care beginning with their first year of medical school.
Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti
Emily J. Kirk and John M. Kirk point out that for the first 72 hours following the earthquake, Cuban doctors were the main medical support for the country.
Eutopia Against Utopia
R. Burke reviews Paul Gilk's Green Politics Is Eutopian.

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