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50 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2009


Climate Economics: Sense & Nonsense

Silver Lining to Economic Downturn
Mike Nickerson understands that there is a time for societies to stop growing.
What's Wrong with a 30-Hour Work Week?
Don Fitz asks if society is producing 10% less stuff, why we all don't just work 10% less.
Financing the Empire
Michael Hudson points out that foreign banks buy US Treasury bills which are used to finance an enormous military.
An Economy that Depends on Endless War
Mary Beth Sullivan believes that jobs would be created by redirecting military money into home weatherization.
Tax the Rich!
Dean Baker explains how a financial transaction tax would increase economic efficiency.
Working on the Inside...But for Which Side?
Todd Chretien argues that Van Jones will see the "Green Economy" go the way of all other industrial sectors based on the profit motive.
20 Theses Against Green Capitalism
Alexis Passadakis and Tadzio Mueller critique those who would profit from the biocrisis.

Thinking Politically

British Politics and the Present Crisis
Mike Davies advocates a democratic socialist society that plans production for need.
How the Color Green Can Sometimes Fade
Victor Grossman documents that many German Greens want to offer a home to conservative voters.
Behind the Myths about Hamas
Deepa Kumar explores a group which has taken on the mantle of national resistance against Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.
You Are Being Lied to About Pirates
Johann Hari observes that Somali fishermen are starving because they suddenly lost their livelihoods.


Fooling with Disaster?
Sue Sturgis reports that radiation releases at Three Mile Island were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than the government has acknowledged.
Mexico's Shock Doctrine: The Swine Flu Hype
John Ross suggests that NAFTA flu might be a more appropriate nomenclature.
Why Should Factory Farming of Swine and Poultry Create a Pandemic Influenza Threat?
Stan Cox notes that when pigs are intensively confined, rare flu mutants can rapidly transfer from animal to animal
What Will Grow without Oil?
Art Myatt realizes that making liquid fuels from sources other than oil is an act of desperation.

Less Energy

"Consumerism" Is Dead - Can Obama Lead Us to a Downscaled Lifestyle?
James Howard Kunstler reminds us that we are experiencing an epochal contraction, not a pause in the growth epic.
Why Energy Efficiency Isn't Reducing Consumption but How Carbon Rationing Could
Don Fitz demonstrates that products designed to be energy efficient are low cost energy on steroids.
Healing through the Collaborative Design Process
Dan Hatch recognizes that communities with the greatest need for solutions that green designers offer have the least ability to afford them.
Cohousing & Ecovillage Development
Tom Braford calculates that you need at least 15 households to have sustained leadership and enough critical mass to get community work done.

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