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49 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2009


Collapse of Capitalism?

The Best Way To Protect Jobs in Auto Is To Stop Making Cars
Don Fitz & Tim Kaminski believe it is time for unions to ask if what they are producing truly benefits humanity.

The Real Cost of the Bailout and Stimulus
Kevin Zeese thinks that for $9.7 trillion we'd get health care for all, tax relief or free college education.

Victory at Republic!
Lee Sustar reports that what began as a resolute act of some 250 workers quickly became a national symbol of working-class resistance.

A Country Awash in Money but Going Broke
Raymond J. Lawrence wonders why billionaires shouldn't be taxed on their financial holdings.

Honduran Workers' Union Under Attack
Andy Lucker describes how capitalists "help" each other by sharing information on key workers.

Belem Ecosocialist Declaration
Environmental destruction and climate change constitute an act of aggression by the rich against the poor.

The Coming Capitalist Consensus
Walden Bello explains a technocratic project, with experts hatching and pushing reforms on society from above.

Thinking Politically

Well Done GW: It's a Dirty Job but Someone Has To Do It
Ted Trainer contemplates President Bush's achievements.

The History and "Morals" of Ethnic Cleansing
Victoria Buch maintains that establishing a national state implies ethnic cleansing of the previous inhabitants.

Getting Catastrophe Down to a Science
Stan Cox notes that American voters and taxpayers are fueling slaughter in Gaza.

Less Energy

The Case for Un-Building America
Jane Anne Morris realizes that since the US economy is in transition, it's time to make it a transition to a sustainable economy.

A Green Path through Hard Times?
Stan Cox understands that economic growth will have to be thrown into reverse.

Obama and the Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex
Karl Grossman worries that nuclear power could become an important part of the US' energy mix.

Energy, Environment and Exhortationism
Don Fitz reviews Ted Trainer's Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society and Pat Murphy's Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil & Climate Change.

Climate Change Pollyannas
David Orton reviews Elizabeth May & Zoe Caron's Global Warming for Dummies.

12th Hour for Arcology
Doctress Neutopia perceives that most of the fabric of suburbia will not be "fixed" or retrofitted.

Surviving Climate Change

The Fallacy of Biofuels
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero charges that biofuel advocates tend not to question energy demand, and accept it as a given.

Why a Green Future Is "Unconstitutional" and What to Do about It
Jane Anne Morris documents that we need not act like there is an invisible force field around the constitutional doctrines that protect corporations.

Breastfeeding and Sustainability
Erin O'Reilly advocates redirecting profits towards health.

"Wait a Minute, I Think We Need to Talk About This."
Janey Archey, Steve Hollis, Justin Stein, John Chasnoff & Marlene Schuman suggest that white people have done an insufficient job of dealing with their internalized superiority.

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