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Digital version of article from Sept 2000 Compost Dispatch

Proposition B
Fair Elections initiative on November ballot

The proposed Fair Elections Act sponsored by Missouri Voters for Fair Elections will appear on the November ballot as Proposition B. Secretary of State Bekki Cook recently certified that MVFE's initiative petitions garnered more than enough signatures of registered voters from enough different congressional districts to earn a place on the ballot.

MVFE will kick off its campaign in support of Fair Elections with "The Huddle," a strategy session for supporters, on Thursday evening, August 31, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The session will be held at the Local 513 Glaziers Hall at 5916 Wilson Avenue, near the Hampton Avenue exit off Interstate 44 in south St. Louis.

The Fair Elections Act would establish a voluntary system of publicly funded elections for state offices, similar to post-convention presidential campaigns, beginning in 2002. Qualifying candidates would receive adequate state funding for a competitive campaign, but they would also be prohibited from accepting money from political action committees (PACs), corporations, unions and other private funding sources. The goal is reduce the influence of special interests who currently control our government because of public officials' reliance on their campaign contributions.

The special interests aren't taking this threat lightly. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce has already announced its intention to spend at least a million dollars to try to defeat Proposition B.

More information is available from the Fair Elections web site at or by phone at (314) 531-9630.

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