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 P.O. Box 8094,   St. Louis, MO   63156

 The Gateway Green Center opened March 13, 1999 at 6101 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis
 (at Rosedale, across from the Metro station, east of Skinker—near University City loop).
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  • Notes on the Recent Proposal to Kill the GPUSA

    In discussing the ramifications of this proposal, I urge Greens to discuss what it really is. The proposal is an attempt to kill the GPUSA and wipe it out of existence. It is not a proposal for "unity" or "merger." [more] commentary by Don Fitz [27 nov 00]

  • Green Party and African Americans Come Together

    The article below on the Gateway Greens ran in the leading Black news monthly in St. Louis, Take Five (October, 2000, pp. 16-18).

    "When Don Fitz from the Gateway Green Alliance invited Zaki Baruti to discuss police brutality on the Greens TV show, the opportunity for an new coalition was created. Off the air the two discussed the politics of the Green Party candidate for President, Ralph Nader, and Baruti found they held the same stance on many issues. It has long been the belief of Baruti's United African Peoples' Organization that African Americans should be proportionally represented in political offices, and Baruti was finding himself disillusioned with the Democrats lack of responsiveness to this goal. The Green Party was looking for ways to grow as a movement for people of color."
    [more] article by John Chasnoff [23 oct 00]

  • Nader, Greens officially certified for MO ballot

    Missouri Secretary of State Bekki Cook certified the Green Party and 18 of its 20 candidates to appear on the Missouri ballot for the November 7, 2000 general election, including presidential nominee Ralph Nader. However, she also refused to certify two other Green candidates. Cook announced her actions on August 22, the last day the law allowed for her decision.
    [more] ...from the Compost-Dispatch [1 sep 00]

  • Greens hold rally at state capitol

    "Armed with sunflowers and signs, Green Party members and Ralph Nader supporters stormed the Missouri Capitol steps Monday afternoon, rushing inside to deliver 21,318 signatures to place Nader on the Missouri ballot for president. The party gathered enough signatures to place Nader and his running mate, Winona LaDuke, on the state presidential ballot."
    [more] ...from the Columbia Missourian [25 jul 00]

  • Green Party Delivers Double Required Petitions to put Ralph Nader on Presidential Ballot

    At 3:00 pm on July 24, over 50 Green Party supporters from St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield and Rolla gathered in Jefferson City to turn in 21,308 signatures to have Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke's names appear on the Missouri ballot for President and Vice-President. This is over twice the 10,000 signatures required by Missouri law.
    [more, including list of candidacies] ... press release [25 jul 00]

  •        Green Time TV

    • On October 17, 2000, the 3rd Presidential debate in St. Louis suppressed the participation of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. What would American viewers have heard if they been allowed to listen to him? This Green Time is the first airing of footage of Ralph Nader addressing a St. Louis audience the afternoon of October 17. Host Barbara Chicherio and Missouri Green Party Chair Robin Barrett discuss whether Nader would have had a chance at being elected had Americans been able to see him in three debates. (late December 2000 Green Time #110 details and schedule)

    • In August, 2000, farmers, environmentalists, safe food advocates and social justice activists converged on Monsanto's World Headquarters for a "Mobilization for Safe Food and Family Farms." Participants called for a moratorium on genetically altered crops and rallied in support of family farms. The protest shifted to the office of US Senator Christopher Bond, an aggressive supporter of the biotechnology industry. Host Daniel Romano introduces footage describing conditions that are driving family farmers to mobilize. (early December 2000 Green Time #103 details and schedule)

    • August 26, 2000 was the 80th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which guaranteed women's right to vote. Janet Wright, president of the St. Clair IL chapter of the National Organization for Women, teams up with Shirl Garnhart, representing the American Association of University Women. They bring viewers up to date on the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, which many women believe is needed to establish their position as "first class" citizens. Viewers will learn about what's next in the US women's movement. (late November 2000 Green Time #101 details and schedule)

    • "Breaking the Bank" is an on-the-scene presentation of the historic protests in Washington DC on April 16 and 17, as thousands of demonstrators challenged the prime instruments of globalization, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund—and had to contend with the repressive tactic of the police. Host Don Fitz introduces the DeepDish TV production, which shows footage of the demonstration and interviews environmental, labor and human rights opponents of global financial domination. (November 2000 Green Time #100 details and schedule)

      Recent shows: link to list of earlier shows

    Invitation to help with producing Green Time TV

    Green Time television on Double Helix public access channel 21 (City of St. Louis) — a description, old, from 1997—

    Green Party of St Louis/Gateway Green Alliance

    Green Wednesday meetings happen every 1st Wednesday at the Gateway Green Center; everyone is welcome. A variety of topics are discussed. Current issues include organizing the Missouri Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (MORAGE), organizing the Missouri Green Party, election-year Green candidacies, supporting other community actions, and continuing to build coalitions with labor and social justice organizations concerned with the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    Subscribe to the Gateway Greens' Compost-Dispatch newsletter: information on Green events and meetings; biotechnology-related organizing, the Green Labeling Campaign, Monsanto, etc. $10/yr (non-members)

    Send a request to if you wish to be placed on the Gateway Greens' organizing listserv [at ] and receive articles, news, and announcements by e-mail. Includes notices of concerts, entertainment, workshops, and forums at the Gateway Green Center.

    Missouri Green Party program — old, from 1992:

    Link to Green Party of Central Missouri

    Link to the greens of the ozarks

    Link to the Kansas City Greens [link dead]

    List of Missouri environmental organizations/resource contacts (Missouri Coalition for the Environment website)

    What we've been doingsome reasons to support the Gateway Greens (May 1999)

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